Becky Hartung is a Los Angeles, California based writer + researcher who earned Master's Degree in Communication Studies studying humor, media, and interpersonal connection.

Finding the meaning of humor came somewhere between episodes of Saturday Night Live and the laughter she shared with others while battling anxiety and depression.

She published, Running in the Dark, a personal memoir chronicling her battle with anxiety, depression, and navigating the role humor has in all of us to build connection with each other and the world around us. She is a mental health advocate and writes to bring hope to those who are struggling and remind them they aren’t alone. Her writing has been featured on the popular mental wellness group To Write Love on Her Arms, Conscious Magazine, Bella Grace, Grace Notes, and Grit + Virtue. 


Writing is the medium of change. As a writer, she supports and empowers others to use their voice in order to cultivate social change. As someone who loves funny things, she believe the same work can be done from a medium of expression and laughter.

Becky continues to write and speak while being a dog mom to her rescues, Lily (Named after Lily Potter, of course) and Emma. If you’re interested in learning more about how Becky can work for your organization or event please click here. If not, go watch your favorite TV show and enjoy a laugh. It will be good for your soul.


Photographer: Kind Honey Photography